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To all families


COVID 19 Update 23 March 2020


Sadly Trinity School remains closed due to high staff absence related to the novel Coronavirus situation. If you have not heard from us, we will be unable to accommodate your child until the situation changes.


We will be planning daily to bring small numbers of children in on a case by case basis. We can let you know by 10.00 a.m. if your child can be safely included at school that day. As the safety of our children and young people is paramount we will only bring your child in if we have staff who are trained in supporting their needs. We thank you for your understanding and wish you well at this difficult time.


We will be calling you to see how you and your child are at some point each week.


In the meantime if you have general concerns for your child at home during this period please contact the school on:


Phone: 020 3435 5955



You can also contact Nicky Grainger and Lucy Williams our School Nursing team on:


Nicky Grainger:

Phone; 07803 202076 E-mail:


Lucy Williams

Phone: 07525 922272 E-mail:


Please do not use individual staff emails as some staff may be unwell at this time.


We are sorry to be closed due to staffing levels but will keep you updated.


Very best wishes for your family’s health in the coming days.


Sue Ball