Trinity School

Oily Cart

At Oily Cart, we've been busy trying to find creative ways to stay connected with audiences despite the restrictions around live performance. I thought that the following resources might be of interest to you and the school.

 We have just released Jamboree: The Sensory Sessions 

 These interactive, creative sessions are inspired by the sensory moments in our show Jamboree. There are 3 sessions - Making Shadows, Colours and Movement, and Making Noise! - which can be enjoyed individually or all together. Jamboree: The Sensory Sessions was made in collaboration with families during lockdown, and is designed to be explored from home and other settings.

 We have also created a closed Facebook group for families with a young person who relates to the world in a sensory way. Parents and carers can join for sensory activities and ideas that can be done at home, links to resources and organisations that might be useful, and to have their say about what they need from Oily Cart at this time:


We hope these resources can be used in the school and shared with your wider community.