Trinity School




The school has a number of effective partnerships with other schools, institutions and organisations which have fostered a range of initiatives including:

  • inclusion opportunities for individual pupils and groups in local primary and secondary schools
  • joint music and sports projects
  • faith community links supporting delivery of acts of collective worship
  • extended school clubs run by the Sports Development Team and financed in part by local business and the Jack Petchey Trust
  • football skills training supported by Dagenham Football Club
  • cricket training supported by Essex County Cricket
  • access to leisure within the community through links with providers offering golf, swimming, bowling
  • work experience for our pupils with businesses and other providers sourced through Project Trident
  • developments of autism provision in conjunction with support of a consultant
  • sports days supported by A level students from Eastbury School and Barking Abbey School which has Specialist School sports status.

The school also serves as a resource for other providers in a number of areas including:

  • offering work experience placements for year 10-12 students from other schools
  • offering training placements for student nurses from St. Bartholomew's Hospital and school nurses
  • 5 day TEACCH training courses for staff in Borough pre-schools, schools, adult services and health personnel
  • Makaton training for parents and staff

Also located on site at Trinity but employed by the PCT the school has one full time nurses, and sessional input from physiotherapists, occupational therapists and PCT speech and language therapists.

Multidisciplinary work to put in place appropriate programmes for pupils and training in their implementation is ongoing. Regular clinics are run in school by consultant paediatricians, a dietician, dental health, an audiologist, an ophthalmologist and an optician.

Other providers who contribute to the provision of services for our pupils include:

  • a teacher of the visually impaired
  • a specialist careers advisor from Connexions
  • a teacher for the hearing impaired
  • the Community Inspection and Advisory Service who support our programme of quality assurance and monitoring of the school improvement process
  • the School Psychological Service who have supported monitoring of behaviour and play, development of functional assessment, training in positive handling and physical intervention and Statutory Assessment

Awareness of personal identity and an appreciation of the lives and culture of others is supported by an annual programme of theme days where there can be a focus on the different cultures represented across the school and supported by visiting artists.