Trinity School

Safeguarding children and young people

To all our Trinity families

Safeguarding our children and young people
To reassure you all-we are all extremely concerned about the issues being raised in the media about sexual abuse between young people in schools. As always, we seek to make Trinity as safe as possible for your children and with the high level of care in our school, we would hope to be in a strong and protective position. But we cannot be complacent.
There is likely to be additional guidance to support us as a school. In the meantime, we will be reviewing our policies and procedures in relation to peer abuse, making sure that our staff understand their role and responsibilities in safeguarding children in the context of peer abuse and the mechanisms for escalation. 
We will be seeking to remind our students who they can talk to in school if they are concerned or feel affected by the issue in any way, and we will seek the advice of our Speech and Language Therapists and our Emotional and Sexual Development team to help us to find ways to do this in the most suitable way for our most complex students.
Ultimately, we want our children to raise their concerns or their experiences with you as families and with us as a school rather than posting their experiences on social media sites. This is the best way we can safeguard children and young people. 
We would ask you to be vigilant about what your children are doing online and the importance of keeping open communication with them about their experiences of their online activities . The NSPCC link has some helpful advice for you as families on how to talk to a child about online safety
 There will also be a new dedicated, confidential helpline which will be run by the NSPCC and is available to current or past victims as well as parents, carers or professionals with concerns. The NSPCC helpline is due to open at 9am this Thursday (1 April), and the number is 0800 136 663. The helpline is free and anonymous and will be open Monday to Friday 8am – 10pm and Saturday to Sunday 9am – 6pm.
I do hope you are reassured by this but if anything is causing you any concern, please contact the school office and mark your email as urgent for the attention of the safeguarding lead and we will come back to you as soon as we can to support and advise,
Take good care everyone and wishing you a peaceful holiday, 
Kindest regards,

Susan Ball