Trinity School

Trinity COVID Risk assessment update families

To all our Trinity families,
There are very few changes to the way we will be working from today 19 July 2021 until our return in September and beyond.
The most significant change will be that we will hand the last part of contact tracing over to NHS Test and Trace, ie we will continue to identify all contacts of positive cases but then we will hand this information over to NHS Test and Trace and they will contact you if they feel your child needs to isolate. We have a duty to do so as a public task in relation to GDPR regulations.
After the holiday,  we will continue as we are-ie you must isolate your family if anyone in your houshold has symptoms or has a positive test result and you should seek a PCR test as soon as anyone in the household has symptoms-don't send children to school with symptoms. 
Please ensure you are testing a key family member/carer twice weekly using the Lateral Flow test and informing us of the result. We will send reminders of how to do this.
The new arrangements will include the following freedoms:
  • children and young people up to 18 years and 5 months of age will not be isolating as a result of a school (non-household) contact unless NHS Test and Trace make a different decision  (but you may be asked to try to get them PCR tested if you can)
  • young people over 18 years and 5 months who are double vaccinated will not be isolating as a result of a school or non-household contact, but if they have not yet had a vaccination then they will need to isolate fully
  • most staff are fully vaccinated so will not be expected to isolate following a non-household contact unless told to do so by NHS Test and Trace, so we are hoping to offer a much more reliable service
In September, we will continue to test staff twice weekly, wear our PPE/medical grade masks as always, follow our  hygiene rules, benefit from the enhanced cleaning regimes, ventilate our rooms regularly, join meetings on line, distance in offices and staff break areas, just as we have been doing so far. This has kept the Trinity community as safe as possible.  
In the meantime, I would continue to encourage anyone who is not yet vaccinated to get jabbed as soon as possible in line with Public Health advice, unless their GP is indicating otherwise,
Wishing you all the best for a safe holiday, 
best wishes, 
Sue Ball