Trinity School

Update for families

Good morning to all our Trinity families,
You may have questions arising from the lockdown announcement yesterday. 
To reassure you, Trinity School will remain open -there are no changes to the arrangements we set in place before the holiday, including transport and start and finish times. However, we may still continue to close classes if we find ourselves facing health and safety issues related to COVID19. If this happens, we will offer remote learning.
We will continue to maintain high levels of hygiene, PPE, distancing wherever possible, ensuring anyone with symptoms goes home/stays at home and that we isolate class bubbles wherever necessary. We will keep communication with you flowing so that if we have a concern that affects your child, we will let you know as soon as possible.
Some of you may have concerns about school attendance if your child has extremely vulnerable health needs -you may wish to seek further medical advice. Please keep us informed.
Lastly, this is a gentle reminder to you all that you must keep your child away from school if they have a temperature, persistent cough or loss of taste /smell. This will help us to reduce transmission in school.
I am sending you the link to the government's latest advice for the lockdown from Thursday:
Information on the new national restrictions, including what they mean for working from home and business closures, why they are being introduced and the financial support available.

Wishing you all the very best, 
Take care and stay safe, 
Sue Ball